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Do more, on the move.

From working to eating, the TopTray is the perfect way to let you do more behind the wheel. Eating on the go, it provides you with a wide area to enjoy your food, whilst being light and compact enough to store in the back seat pocket. Need to work on the fly? Use it as an ergonomic desk to set up your laptop and get to work easily end comfortably!




Travel with function, and comfort.

We've all been there, juggling the drink with the food. Picking up lost fries from the floor. Let's not even talk about the working on a laptop.

Take it to next level, and simply slide out your TopTray and enjoy your food in the comfort of your own car. 




One design, many features.

With two unique features on each side, you can simply flip it to suite whatever you need, whenever. The Work desk side removes the drink holder, providing your laptop with more space, and the food side does the opposite. 




Main Features

  • 🚘 Durable High Quality Material - The TopTray is made from high-quality abs material. Light to carry and strong enough to support a notebook, laptop, lunch with drink.
  • 🚘 Multi-functional - The TopTray can simply hook to your steering wheel. Can be used by the driver for working as a notebook, laptop support, also for eating food as a food drink support desk and etc.
  • 🚘 A perfect travel companion - TopTray fits most vehicles steering wheels, easy to install, clean and store away. A good choice for sales people and truckers who are constantly on a business trip.



  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 600g
  • Size: 28cm*42cm*2cm/11 inch*16.5 inch * 0.79 inch


*Do not use whilst Driving*

*Not available in stores.

14 day return policy, no questions asked. Please check the FAQ page and Returns Policy below for further info. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James G.

You will enjoy your fast food to the maximum just moments after it arrives through the window - you will not regret it. I can't imagine any normal car has a steering wheel this wouldn't work on. Fit on our suv perfectly. Worth every penny.

Sam F.

I work 5 days a week in a COVID ICU and have been eating in my vehicle to reduce the risk of spread in the lunchroom or restaurants. Saw an as for this on Facebook and immediately bought it, now I'm in love! No issues with having to turn my steering wheel around, fits my car perfectly. Best COVID purchase ever to provide so much happiness for a decent price! Thank you!

Peter Sandberg

I often find myself needing to pull out my laptop while traveling — and with a 15" display, it's inconvenient. I originally considered buying a car laptop stand that you mount to the floor of your vehicle (like police cars have), but those are expensive. Opted to check out this budget solution. And it works.

Ellis G.

My girlfriend was actually the one who purchased this for me and I just put it on my steering wheel to test fit it and it fits perfectly. I mean perfectly. The angle is right where I need it to be. I simply just slid it on and it held on great. Overall I think it's awesome! Super happy with it.

Edward D.

I am a manager that finds himself in the field quite a bit. I ordered this on a whim, and have since ordered a few for fellow managers, as gifts. The desk has fit almost every vehicle I have tried it in, and is just the right size for an iPad Pro in a Belkin Keyboard case. I have managed a laptop a few times as well. Oh, and you can eat lunch off of it as well, if you'd like.
Just remove before driving. You have been warned.