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A grip, that's got you.

SwissGrip can be used on ANY flat surface in the house. Backed by Swiss American Technology. It can be used for support, lifting, opening door, anything you can think of! 

Falling in the bathroom can lead to painful injuries, especially for the elderly!

Change your mind on the placement of the handle? Easily unlock the locks and replace them anywhere you like!



The Support Handle has a unique suction design that easily grips to any smooth and flat surface in seconds.

Its suction cups with flip-up locking tabs assist and added safety whether you are showering, bathing, or using the toilet.


The gently contoured grip provides you a reliable handhold. Thanks to its compact, stylish design, it is easy to transport and blends seamlessly with almost any interior decor.




Features And Benefits:

  • Grips to any smooth and flat surface (tile, acrylic, glass, and fiberglass) in seconds.
  • Suction cups with flip-up locking tabs.
  • NO drilling and NO fixing required.
  • WILL NOT damage walls.
  • Assist and added safety.
  • Take it with you anywhere you need to.




  • Please make sure the area you want to install is very clean and dry for best suction results.
  • Remember to always check the handles before using them to make sure they are adequately secured.
  • The support handle can be reinstalled anytime and anywhere. If the pads are smeared with dust or anything else, rinse them with water. After drying, you can reinstall it safely.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary D.

Since my husband was starting to need help getting out of the tub, I went for these, with their unabashed promise of stability and I was not disappointed! These are decent looking (white, not beige) and have incredibly strong suction. In fact, when I was just testing placement, even before I had locked the set-lever down, one of the suction cups adhered so strongly I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get it off to reposition it!

Sandra McKenzie

I really need these in my shower, I'm very clumsy lol.
I've had other brands that after a week or so they fall off- not these!
They have been holding strong, just hope they last a long time before I need to replace them again.

Amelie Mertz

My dad has been visiting us quite a bit these days and his balance just isn't what it used to be. I bought these for my walk-in shower to help him out with getting in and out of the shower and standing up from the shower seat I bought as well. These things are AMAZING!!!!! I have had them installed in my shower for 2 months now and haven't had to reattach them yet - they are still on the shower walls pretty strong! I have a fiberglass shower and not tile so i'm not sure how they would be in a tile shower. But I absolutely do NOT regret buying these and have even recommended them to some other people that I know where looking for good shower handles.

Eloisa Bernhard

Great investment for safety in the shower. They easily suction to the walls of the shower and provide a easy handle to grab and hold onto if you need to get up or feel like you may fall. Simple to install. Just pull the gray tabs open and hold tight to wall and push the tabs down securing it to the wall. It's best to apply in a clean area so it holds better. Comes in a 2pk so you can install 2 or install one and have one left to install later

Rowdy Hegmann

Works on 4” tile Arrived quickly in excellent condition it’s beautiful works perfectly. I cleaned with rubbing alcohol on a baby wiper. The wall and the suction cups. I was just getting ready to return them because my husband didn’t clean the wall first when he installed and they kept falling off. I thought it was because I have older small tile because a tiny bit of grout does show. They feel permanent now. Highly recommend