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The easiest way to water your garden.

Now you can put down the water hose forever! Maintaining a lush garden or a green lawn doesn’t have to take away your free time! Leave it to SpinSplash to do all the watering for you! This summer is going to be hot, so protect your garden with SpinSplash.



The unique three-way nozzles are not only entirely adjustable but cover up to 3600+ square feet evenly to water all four corners of your garden in a quick breeze!



You don’t have to be conservative with the sprinkling, SpinSplash spreads every drop around to make sure nothing goes to waste! Keep all your plants healthy at no expense of your time or money!





Better than the rain- SpinSplash’s coverage rivals even the clouds, with only one you can easily cover the front lawn or back garden!

Instant irrigation- Don’t have time to water the lawn by yourself, put SpinSplash in the middle to do the watering in an instant!

Evenly watered- An unevenly watered garden is not a pretty sight, SpinSplash’s 360-degree rotating action leaves no plant dry!

SpinSplash is the ultimate choice- Finally, a sprinkler that can cover more ground with less water, keeping your big lawn green is easy with SpinSplash!



Designed by Home*Hedges

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carissa Hilll

Absolutely brilliant, simple to install and set up, Sends a fine spray of water into the air, rotates itself quickly and easily and covers a large diameter of ground

Jenny Nader

I rarely write reviews but this sprinkler is so good. We have poor water pressure and most sprinklers don’t work. So I plugged in this nifty little device and got soaked, I never expected it to actually work! Delighted, thank you

Timmy Kihn

Does a perfect job. Got 2x and covers my whole garden.

Winifred Beer

Great sprinkler! It can water the whole garden and also works great for our dog to run through on hot days :) I don't see why anyone would spend more on a sprinkler, it's perfect.

Alfred T

Great little sprinkler, covers alot of ground I don't even have the water on too high otherwise I'll be watering next door! Lol