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PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush
PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush
PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush
PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush
PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush
PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush
PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush

PureClean Pro™️ Silicone Toilet Brush

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Cleans more, lasts longer.

The PureClean toilet brush changes the toilet brush industry for good. Made from durable silicone, it cleans over 78% better than normal bristle brushes. With its flexible advantage, you can get in and around the toilet and effortlessly sanitise everything.  


Long-Handled Toilet Brush 

Featuring a new and innovative flexible silicone pro head that makes cleaning the toilet easier and more hygienic and each kit includes an air-ventilated base to prevent bacteria build-up.



This material never wears out, sheds, tears, or changes its shape. No broken bristles, no hair, and other dirty stuff entangled. Built for long-lasting use! 




  • Efficient Cleaning

    Deeper cleaning of inner and outer toilet, reaching into pipes and grooves, better reach to some dead corner or under-rim section.

  • TPR Brush Head

    It is moderately soft, can be bent freely, and will not scratch the toilet. It can also easily be cleaned, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning problem after using the brush.

  • Individual Holder

    It solves the problem that the toilet brush has nowhere to place or toilet brush cannot keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

  • Reduce Odor

    There is a cover where the brush head meets the handle, when you put the brush into the holder, it can block the inner smell out, leaving no unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

  • Breathable Holder

    The holder is detachable and with slots that allow water and sewage to evaporate quickly, it allows the toilet brush to dry and drain more easily.

  • Nonslip handle, modern sleek design.. and so much more.




1x PureClean Pro Silicone Brush

1x AirDray Holder

1x Adhesive Mount to place it anywhere.

Each PureClean Kit comes with an Adhesive to hang anywhere in your bathroom.



Material: TPR silicone
Dimensions: 5*41*7.1CM


*Not available in stores*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Alison Macalpine
Silicone loo brush works a dream

Loving my new purchase as just done up toilet….girls in office were helpful too when I was swithering…

Natalie Williams

Purchased two white ones. After using a few times here is my review:

Great for getting under the rim and round the u bend

Not so much dripping water before putting back in container

Convenient holes at bottom to allow excess water to dry. Hopefully meaning no mould building up.

All in all, works well and it's a good investment.

Jane Tucker

I thought I would try this toilet brush
Oh my goodness it’s so fantastic
Cleaning a loo is never a favourite job for anyone but using this makes it so much easier. Because it really works! I’ve now bought another 2

J. Davis

This has made my least favourite job bearable. Very good.

Samantha Jane W.

Received very quickly. Revolutionary, cleans much better than soft bristle traditional brushes