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STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope
STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope

STEMscope™️ - Portable Microscope

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Seeing, is believing.

Let your child discover a whole new world, by connecting them with nature, curiosity, and wonder through Stemscope!
Provide your child with new ways to interact and develop their understanding of the world around them.
This portable microscope is the perfect way to effortlessly teach your children by engaging them in the unseen world.

"In 24 hours, my 4 and 9 year old daughter and son had more fun than we have had in a long time!" - Trevor D. 



Ignite Science Curiosity at the Ideal Age!

Studies have shown that teaching kids science at an early age can have long-term benefits. Bring fun into learning (without the complaining) by uncovering a whole new microscopic world with our easy-to-use handheld microscope for kids!

Beat the Screen Culture with No Fuss!
The STEMScope portable microscope stimulates your kid's natural way of learning through engaging, hands-on play!

Entertain Them for Hours!
Just sit back and relax as you watch your kids run around with glee as they look for new things to examine!

View with any phone!



Battery: 2x AA batteries (not included)


1x STEMscope

1x User manual 

1x Stand

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Janet Singer

my son loves it so much we got another one as a gift ! small and portable you can explore the world through this!

Nicola Hessel

I got one of these for myself to take a closer look at things in nature, and liked it so much I gave one to my five-year-old grandson who is absolutely obsessed with it. He’s discovered that sugar looks like ice and so much else! Problem is, it takes forever to get anywhere because he’s always stopping to examine things! It’s a wonderful little tool for the money.

Georgianna Sauer

My fickle 7 year old expressed interest in a microscope leading up to Christmas, but I didn't want to invest a whole lot not knowing how long she'd stick with it. I spent about an hour reading reviews of all manner of classroom style, toy style, the whole gamut of microscopes suitable for kids. I was sold on the reviews for this little thing and the price cannot be beat. Bought it along with a set of prepared slides, but those have been mostly ignored in lieu of dragging it around looking at all sorts of things in our surroundings. Since you can take it out of the base you aren't tethered to looking at what you can fit on a slide. If she someday has a more serious setup, I'm positive that our family will still be using this thing. It magnifies well enough to be blown away by tiny fossils, textiles, our own cuticles...so fun. Most used Christmas gift one month later.

Shannon W.

Great little microscope for kids either in the backyard or on a hike. I was thinking about getting one of those wireless microscopes, but this is microscope gives them more of a hands on mechanical feel for doing it.

Megane Abernathy

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this little microscope considering the price. It doesn't have the hugest amount of magnification, but what it offers in terms of ease of use, good focus, excellent lighting, and just the variability of how you can use it more than makes up for that. Really great first microscope for kids. I attached a photo of a bees head that I took using this microscope for reference, just put my phones camera over the eyepiece and got it. Even though the magnification isn't very powerful, you can clearly see the pattern on the eyes, the antennae, even the pollen clinging to its face. My kids run around with this thing looking at everything they can put in on lately 😅 very happy with this!