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SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book
SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book

SmartWrite™️ Spelling Book

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SmartWrite is the perfect way to provide your child with an engaging and interactive learning experience. With its Reusable Magic touch surface, you can revisit each exercise with your child, learning through practice and giving them a new way to spell and learn...as well as save a lot of paper along the way! 



With the Magic Pen (included) your writing fades after approx 30 minutes. Providing you with a whole new book to go over again. It's a great way to learn and reuse!




  • Each book magically erases itself after 30 minutes, allowing your child to go over excise and learn more effectively.  
  • Focusing on skill training of writing, SmartWrite enables readers to grasp English handwriting skills through training and to write beautiful English words.

  • SmarWrite can help children or adults practice different fonts of handwriting and build their own style.

  • Made to last: SmartWrite uses high-quality paper, that's thick and not easy to smear, strong and durable, and comfortable. 




*Each set comes with a FREE Calligraphy Pen + writing grip and ink cartridges*



What you'll get?


  • Material: White cardboard
  • Books: Alphabet; Numbers; Drawing; Addition & Subtraction
  • Size: 19.5cm x 13.5cm

Magic Pen

  • Auto Fade 
  • Writing Width: 0.5mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Package Include: 4x SmartWrite Books + 1x Magic Pen + Refills + Pen Grip


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jacqueline H

These are pretty cool! Got it for my three year old and she stays occupied for a good chunk of time! I love that she can trace over and over again, and we don’t have to throw out loads of paper!

Nadine S

My 5 year old was struggling with the size of his letters and this book has helped tremendously!!! Absolutely love!!!

Kerry P

These booklets are cool. The ink does actually disappear from the grooved lines in the booklets. The ink will also disappear if you “go outside the lines” though I have not yet tried scribbling directly on the page. It takes several minutes for the ink to complete disappear though it will eventually. I purchased this set for my kindergartner who needs a little extra practice with letter/number formation. While he hasn’t been very excited to practice in these booklets I do find working in them to be kind of soothing/weirdly satisfying. The booklets are nice quality and I appreciate that it comes with 5 pen refills. Even though my kiddo isn’t compelled to work in these booklets without prompting, I do recommend them as they perform as advertised and the quality and value exceeded my expectations.

Garrison Mosciski

These books are small enough for travel, and come with extra activities on the pages. I purchased then to help my 5 year old son with his penmanship. We have used 2 of the 4 books. It's nice because the pen ink disappears so that the book can be reused. It came with several pen refills.

Eve Marquardt

The product arrived fast Indicate all