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Marvin the Math Monkey™️
Marvin the Math Monkey™️
Marvin the Math Monkey™️
Marvin the Math Monkey™️
Marvin the Math Monkey™️

Marvin the Math Monkey™️

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Learning, made fun.

Make learning fun by engaging your child in a whole new way of education! Marvin the Math Monkey is here to do just that. With this revolutionary new interactive way to gamify your child's learning process, they'll develop their numeracy skills and so much more whilst having fun at the same time. 



The perfect lockdown toy to develop your child and engage through education.

Marvin helps your child improve their numeracy skills whilst encouraging interactive play, that will develop critical skills such as sorting, problem-solving, colour and number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction, and other fine motor skills.



Multiple methods from easy too difficult, that will make your child a mathematician in no time!

Level 1 comprises digital recognition. 
Level 2 comprises of learning count.
Level 3 comprises of additional formula.
Your child  solve these mathematical games from level 1 to level 3. 





Reduce screen time and provide your child with an interactive and engaging learning experience, that they will love to do!




  • Making learning fun - Entertainment is essential to educate, and encourage new ways to engage and learn.
  • Reduce Screen time - provide your child with an interactive and engaging learning experience, that they will love to do!
  • Reimagine Your Playground - Playtime is now more engaging than ever when playing around your elaborate structures. 
  • Easy to assemble with instruction





Marvin the Monkey comes with 1 x Marvin scale, 19 x monkeys, number blocks 1-10, 30 x double-sided math cards. kids can use them to do funny math activities.

Non-Toxic Materials 

This monkey balance game made from Non-Toxic Plastic Delicate and smooth treatment to ensure the child's safety. 

*Not available in stores.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sophie Parker

I used this monkey balance for number exploration with 5 to 7 year olds. The weighted numbers are perfect for the children to relate the number and amount. They also were finding sets inside numbers and seeing relationships (6 is 4 and 2). I love how the weighted numbers make it easy to extend to addition and subtraction. I only wish there were more monkeys and numbers so we could explore doubles and numbers beyond 19. As it is, I will need to get a few more sets so kids asking questions can explore those ideas. It'd be nice if I was able to order monkeys and numbers separate to grow with children's ideas. The children enjoy the game cards as well and are creating their own. Thanks for a well-designed and thoughtful product.

Jenny Carter

I went back in forth several times on wether I should get this or not. I finally ordered them and so glad I did! I should have ordered them a while ago. My 5 1/2 year old and 2 year old both love it and it is a great learning toy. The numbers are weighted.. So
For example if you put a number 4 on one side of the scale and then 4 monkeys on the other side they will weigh the same. It really is great!

Mohammed S

Bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter. She LOVES it! It is an awesome tool to learn math skills and have fun doing it!

Katherine D

I love everything about this game. I got it for my 5 year old, but even my 11, 9, and 2 year olds love playing with it. The quality of each piece is made very well. I love the make of the monkeys and the numbers. It was a really well thought out game. My 5 year old will sit and play with it on his own coming up with new number combinations. It’s really amazing.

Sterling Carter

It is great item to improve kids mathematic skills. There are 30 cards to play with them or you can prepare addition and subtraction problems. It is good for kids who pre-k to 3 grade. Maybe more because you can hide a number with these cards and kids can find the hidden number under the card. But don’t neglect the weight the card that you put on it. We’re playing like that. I bought it 5 more to give a gift for my friends kids.