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Freddie the Frog™️ - Potty Trainer
Freddie the Frog™️ - Potty Trainer
Freddie the Frog™️ - Potty Trainer

Freddie the Frog™️ - Potty Trainer

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Engaging, interactive, and smarter than any other potty!

Support your child in transitioning from potty to standing up to pee with this fun frog-shaped urinal. Attach it to the wall of your bathroom at just the right height and drastically reduce the time spent in the bathroom cleaning up after your little trainee.



Freddie includes an interactive spinning wheel that encourages your child to not only aim but enjoy going to the urinal. With a face that makes anyone smile, FrogPotty is fun, unique and just the potty to help train your child effortlessly. 



Set Up in Seconds + height adjustable

Ready to mount anywhere, with two suction suckers, you can adjust the height to any position suitable for your child. 



Easy No-touch 


Freddie comes with a removable waste tank for easy no-touch cleaning. Simply unclip and detach it then dispose of any waste easily! It's as easy as that.




  • Perfect for Toilet Training for between the ages of 2 to 7
  • Friendly frog design and spinning windmill engages your child's interest.
  • Removable waste tank so that you can do no-touch cleaning and waste disposal
  • Urinal design that looks and feels just like an adult toilet
  • Strong suckers can adjust the height according to the height of your child.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Briana H

I love this frog urinal! It is the best thing to buy for a boy to start potty training. Great design, works Amazing and very easy to clean. This is a must buy to make potty training fun and exciting! The only down fall is the suction and wall cling does not work that well , it keeps falling, but if you buy a comando one it works great! Especially for the price!

Ally Crist

It is smaller than I thought but it's actually a good size for a toddler and it doesn't take up to much room in the bathroom. I didn't try to mess with the sticker adhesive hook so I just screwed the hook into the wall. My son really likes and doesn't seem to hve really any splash back like i read on other reviews. Only thing I have to look out for is that he wants to play with the spinning younger thing haha. Other than that i would recommend this for anyone potty training their boy.

Ellen Grimes

This is very small, but its just the right size at the same time!! Yes, our little guys do NOT need a large urinal, this is perfect size!
And yes, telling your kid to pee in the frogs mouth...weird.... but you know how kids like moving things so it makes sense, lol
Oh and so far so good with the suction cups staying in place on my tile....

Gladyce Nienow

It's perfect!

Kerrie Milne

My son loves it! This is the perfect size. Easy to use, empty and most importantly, easy to clean!